THE HOLY GRAIL: "God's Power & Covenant At The Last Supper"
THE EUCHARIST: "God's Path To Salvation"

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THE CALL: "Living Large In A Sea Of Uncertainty!"
SON OF MAN "God's Answer & Cure For Eternal Life!"
THE BALL DOCTRINE: "Creating Peace & Prosperity In Every Nation!" by Dennis Andrew Ball
BORN AGAIN: "Transformed From Death To Life!"
THE GREAT COMMISSION: "My Holy Mission" - Part II
SET FREE: Freedom from Anger, Anxiety, Addiction & Aggression
RESURRECTION: "The Temple Of Christ Transformed In A Pharisee's Tomb."
TOUCHED BY GRACE: "Blinded By God!"

The American National Committee

THE GREAT COMMISSION: "My Holy Mission" - part 1
Don't Stop Believ'n - The Power of Prayer For You
BREAK THRU: Living Large in a Sea of Mediocrity