The American National Committee

THE BALL DOCTRINE: "Creating Peace & Prosperity In Every Nation!" by Dennis Andrew Ball

Help us reach your circle of influence; friends, family, neighbors - all who care about restoring America and the Family.

We are preparing for a National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri in June 2016

Every single page; each Petition that gets properly filled in and correctly turned in with valid voter signatures, is precious to us and valuable to America.

Your efforts will make a difference, and bring real value and intelligence into the national debate, with some common sense brought to bear on the issues that matter.

1) Find YOUR state on the list at left, click on that link to download YOUR petition.

2) Fill in the information required, and gather signatures and other info based on the simple instructions you find (each state is somewhat different).

3) Send those petitions to us at the address you see.

That's it!

...and Welcome to the American Party of America, where YOUR voice may finally be heard!